Client Testimonials

The following are just a selection of testimonials, beginning with our first ever review; this was from the lovely McCloy family, going back over 25 years to 1997. The rest are a little more recent!!!

Hi Mark

I want to thank you for the seamless transfer of my case this week. The service has been excellent. Shame about the weather, but thanks to your team, at least I had dry, clean clothes at every stop.

Kind regards

Fiona Todd

Fiona Todd - April 2024Northumberland Coastal Path

If it wasn’t for Carrylite’s reliable, efficient and no-fuss service we would not have been able to complete the St Cuthbert’s Way. Carrylite really does take the strain out of long distance trail walking.

Andrew, Katherine & Jenny McCloy - September 1997St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent service you provided for our St. Cuthbert’s Way walk this week. Everything worked like clockwork.

We’re already planning our next walk and would definitely use Carrylite again and recommend you to others. Thanks for all your advice and for letting us walk pack free.

Best wishes Frances

Frances Arrowsmith - September 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful  job you did transporting our baggage while we were enjoying walking on St Cuthbert’s Way.  There were several days when we saw the reassuring sight of one of your vans which we knew would have been collecting or delivering our bags.

So, thanks once again.


Janice Othen

Janice Othen - September 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Luggage moved efficiently and exactly as requested.
Very clear instructions given (slightly pedantic!) but because of the detail, easily understood and followed. Our luggage was waiting for us in the correct pub or hotel in Northumberland every time. Thank you SO much!

Annabelle Holland - September 2023Northumberland Coastal Path

Fantastic service thanks

H-R-T - September 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Brilliant walk in The Borders. Bag transfers were absolutely faultless. Superb service. Thank you!!!

Keefy Pea - September 2023Borders Abbeys Way

Brilliant service for hiking the Borders Abbeys Way. We’ll be using them again when we hike the St Cuthbert’s Way.

Paul Arnold - September 2023Borders Abbeys Way

Hi Mark,

We would like to thank Carrylite for the excellent service provided during our St Cuthbert’s Way walk and will certainly be recommending your company to others.


Michael & Helen Porter

Michael & Helen Porter - September 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Brilliant and seamless job again moving the bag.

Thanks very much.

All the best,


Keith Peacock - September 2023Borders Abbeys Way

Great service

Nick Stell - July 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for the great services. All was fine.

Thank you!


Nada Kasikova - July 2023Northumberland Coastal Path

We used them thru a walking company. Excellent service, and took care of the bags!

D R Rabaja - July 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Mark ,

Just to say thanks for the great service we received on our wee jaunt along the St. Cuthbert’s way.

Many thanks again.

Elspeth Jenkins - June 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Excellent service taking our two heavy bags on the Northumberland Coastal Path – including a night on Holy Island. It was a welcome sight to spot our bags waiting for us at the end of a hard day’s walking! Would highly recommend to save your back and knees on a long distance walk,

Peter Owston - June 2023Northumberland Coastal Path

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent bag carrying service. We didn’t see you or your team once but our bags were always ready and waiting for us at our accommodation! From the first email to the last bag transfer you provided an efficient and hassle free service and we wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again.
We had a fantastic week walking the St Cuthbert’s Way, absolutely loved it especially the final walk across the sands to Lindisfarne.

Keryn Green - June 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Many thanks for your excellent service carrying our bags on the Northumberland Coastal Way – everything ran so smoothly and it was fabulous knowing we could pack those extra socks and kit for the evenings without having to break our backs and feet. Our highlights would be walking the dunes on the way into Bamburgh and taking our boots and socks off to walk across the sand from Lidisfarne.

It helped that the weather was kind with no rain all week.

We’d recommend Carrylite without any reservations at all and have done so a couple of times already.

Chris Prentice - June 2023Northumberland Coastal Path

Mark, Just to say thank you for carrying our bags around the Borders Abbeys Way over the last few days – all worked out perfectly for us.
It is great to arrive at our accommodation with confidence that the bags will be there.

Gordon Black - June 2023Borders Abbeys Way

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your help in making our Cuthbert’s Way walk so successful.

Many thanks,


Sean Cope - June 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Mark, thanks for everything. Great service.

Best regards,


Jose Felipe - May 2023St Oswald’s Way


I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an excellent service moving our bags along the Northumberland coast.

Everything has arrived safely & promptly at the right place at the right time.

Many thanks.


Di Hayman - May 2023Northumberland Coast Path

Hi Mark

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for moving our bags these last few days it was so seemless. Although we didnt see you or anyone else we were always delighted our bags were there on our arrival. Thank you once again.


Ruth Sanders - April 2023Coast & Castles Cycle Route

Good morning Mark.

Just to say thank you for the baggage transfer of last week.

It all worked perfectly,  as did our walk! 🥾🥾🍂

Sam and I had a wonderful time.

Best wishes.

Hattie Rogers.

Hattie Rogers - October 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark
Thanks for doing a great job delivering our bags. We had a great time walking this week.
Best wishes
Jenny Piper

Jenny Piper - October 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark,

Now that we have completed St Oswald’s Way, I write to thank you for sorting out our luggage transfers so efficiently.

Many thanks.  The excellent service was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

All the best,


Peter Batey - September 2022St Oswald’s Way

Dear Mark

Thanks for your work transporting our bags up the coast. We had a great walk and only one day of bad weather!

To your drivers a big thanks.

Thanks also to you for sorting out the problems that occurred with one of our accommodations.

Best wishes to all of you.


Will Ashton

Will Ashton - September 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

We have just completed the Borders Abbey Way with Carrylite transferring our bags along each leg of the walk. They were brilliant, no fuss no problems just brilliant. It is so satisfying after a long day’s walk to find your bag has arrived before you. Thank you Carrylite.



Henry & Angela Ellis - September 2022Borders Abbeys Way

Just used Carrylite for the first time whilst we walked St Cuthbert’s Way. Excellent service, they literally went out of their way to pick our bags from a friend’s house and get us on the way . Most helpful. Highly recommend.



Nick Rowe - September 2022St Cuthbert’s Way


Just wanted to send quick email to say thanks for our efficient luggage transportation!

Excellent walk – really enjoyed it.

Cheers – Tom M

Tom Mather - September 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

I’m not sure my email thanking you actually sent – so just in case it didn’t, this is a massive thank you for moving our bags during our pilgrimage. Your service was amazing and we cannot recommend you highly enough.

Thanks for everything.

All the best


Steve Radley - July 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark and Carrylite folks,

Our family traveled from the US to walk St. Cuthbert’s Way. Carrylite was recommended to us, and we are so glad we used them. The bags were there before us every time, even when we arrived early. It was such a gift not to have to think about it, just trust it all to go smoothly and it did. We had a wonderful experience walking St. Cuthbert’s Way and honestly can’t imagine how we would have done it without Carrylite.

Kara Root, Minnesota USA

Kara Root - August 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Thank you for your great service!!! We are two ladies in our late 70,s and it has made our coast path walking possible!!! We have now completed Cresswell to Lindisfarne in two separate holidays! Without you that would not have been possible!!! Thank you!!

Annie Christmas - August 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Dear Mark

Thanks very much for an excellent service. We’ll definitely recommend you to any of our friends who might be doing a similar walk n the future.

All the best

Liz Henderson

Liz Henderson - August 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark just wanted to say thank you for the service you provided on our walk, first class.


Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson - August 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

We just wanted to say thank you for your service. We had a fantastic walk and arriving to each accomodation with our bags ready and waiting was brilliant!

You do a great job!

Thanks for your help and reliable service. 🤗

Caroline and Neil

Caroline & Neil Hay - August 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say thank you for your service in moving our bags – very reliable and trouble-free.  Shame we missed the first day but we hope to do it some time in the future.  We would certainly use your baggage service again.



Stella Pleydell - July 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark, we are back in North Berwick after our walk from Lindisfarne to Melrose along the St Cuthbert’s Way. Our luggage was ready for us at each hotel we stayed in. You provided an unobtrusive but essential service which greatly enhanced our enjoyment of our holiday. Thank you,

Sheena Fraser

Sheena Fraser - July 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Thank you so much for carrying all our bags. It is such an amazing service! Everything worked smoothly and we so much appreciated the efficiency and reliability of your service.

Judy Delap

Judy Delap - July 2022Borders Abbeys Way

Hi Mark,

This is just to say that we were very happy with the luggage transfer provided.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Jolien Zwarts

Jolien Zwarts - July 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and your team for the great efficiency in transporting our bags to the various hotels along the St Oswald’s Way, over the past 2 weeks. Even when we arrived at a hotel in the early pm we were so pleased to find that our bags were already there!

Very best wishes,


Jane Dobson - June 2022St Oswald’s Way

Great service carrying our bags on Northumberland Coastal Path. Went incredibly smoothly – many thanks.

Catharine Archibald - June 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

Sorry it’s taken a while for me to thank you so much for our bag transfer between Newcastle to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago.

I can’t thank you enough for your superb service in making sure our bags were picked up and delivered safely to each of our hotels. Amazing service.

Thank you on behalf of Beverley Vixens Cycling group.

Kind regards

Brenda Cartwright

Brenda Cartwright - May 2022Coast and Castles Cycle Route

Hi Mark,

Bags safely delivered to our final destination.

Many thanks for an excellent service that has enhanced the enjoyment of our holiday.


Brian Legg - May 2022Northumberland Coast Path

Dear Mark

A quick note to thank you for your careful and efficient handling of my bag, helping to make the journey thoroughly enjoyable.


Edward Barnaby - May 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

Would just like to say a big thank you for our recent bag transfers during our walk on the St Cuthbert’s way! What a great service! we had a great time, absolutely loved it, we would definitely recommend your service.

Thanks again

Ricky and Angela.

Ricky & Angela Haddow - May 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Thanks so much for carrying our bags to us last week. And for dealing so well with the bump in the middle. Excellent service. We’ll be happy to use you again and recommend you.

With best regards


Carole Child - April 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Thanks for the efficient collection and delivery of our bags while we walked the lovely Northumberland Coast.  It was great to meet one of the team as we were walking from Belford.

Mick & Jane Johnson - April 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

Thanks for the service you provided. There were no problems with the bags. It was lovely to know that they would be there at the next place each day.

Thanks again


Anne McGovern - April 2022St Oswald’s Way


I’d like to thank you for helping us plan our walk and baggage transfer from Dunbar to Berwick. Everything went to plan with the bags and we had a great time doing our 3-day walk.

Kind regards,

Marine Delbauve

Marine Delbauve - April 2022Northumberland Coastal Path

Dear Mark,

We had a great walking holiday. Excellent seamless service from Carrylite. We will highly recommend you to friends.

Many thanks.

Liz Gilmore - September 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Thanks to all you guys for smooth transfer of baggage on our SCW walk

If I ever do it again I’m going to put myself in the bag as well haha!!

Heather Sim - September 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi, What an amazing service you gave us ! Without people like you we would not be able to achieve our ambitions, even at our old age!!! We loved our walk , especially the beaches and today we did the pilgrimage!!!! That was one adventure!!!! Need to return to properly do Holy Island and walk on . Many thanks.

Annie Christmas - August 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark,

Well we are back home now after a successful 2 weeks walking. We had a great time and we were always relieved to see our cases at the end of the day so thanks for your efficient service. Thank you too for your advice on organising our walk.

Hilary Wilkinson - August 2021St Cuthbert’s & St Oswald’s Way

Dear Mark,

Thank you for lifting our bags so seamlessly along the route!

We have been lucky with the weather and have enjoyed the walk and beautiful country.

Just thank you to Carrylite for your efficiency!

All good wishes,

Rosemary Blackwall - August 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Many Thanks for your Very  Efficient Baggage Transfer.  All went to plan.  Can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards.

Norman Staples - July 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Thank you for your efficient reliable baggage carrying service. We had an amazing trip and were really grateful we could take the extras in event of all sorts of weather, without actually having to bear it on our backs! 😌

We’ll definitely recommend you to our friends and family!

Kind regards

Jean Peacock - July 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk along the Northumberland Coast Path (7-14 July) and want to thank Carrylite for the excellent service we received in carrying our luggage along the way. We would definitely use your services again when we are next walking in the NE.

Many thanks!

Chris and Kim Bradbrook - July 2021Northumberland Coastal Path

Good morning Mark,

Perhaps a  ‘better late than never’ note but wanted to say a huge thank you for the efficiency of the baggage transfer service you provided for us during our walk along St Cuthbert’s Path recently. We managed to meet with two of your drivers, both of whom were very pleasant and accommodating.

We wish you and your team well for the future and hope you are able to ‘enjoy’ the rest of the 2021 walking season.

Warm regards.

Phillip Gregory - June 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Now that I am safely returned from my pilgrimage I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for everything running so smoothly as my bags were invisibly whisked from one place to another, without the slightest hitch. I could not have done this without you. And it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

Margaret Hebblethwaite - June 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

Thank you for transferring our baggage so efficiently. I will definitely recommend.

Thank you

Catriona Cockburn - June 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark.

Thank you for your services last week.

You were the glue that kept the walk going and whilst not seen face to face, your service was invaluable and was faultless.

The walk was fantastic.

The weather was great as was the accommodations and each day our luggage was waiting for us at the next venue

Thank you again and will be recommending your 1st class services to all …

Andy Hegedus - June 2021Northumberland Coast Path

Good morning Mark

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent service on our baggage transfer last week on the Northumberland Coast Path.  It was so reassuring to see our bags every day when we arrived at our destination tired and hot after a long day’s walk!

It was a stunning walk with the most glorious weather showcasing Northumberland at it’s best!

I will not hesitate to recommend your services, or use them again should we choose another route in your area.  Your booking process was efficient and easy too.

Thank you!

Carol Crossland - June 2021Northumberland Coast Path

Dear Mark,

Just to say thank you very much for the very efficient service you provided, transporting our bags along St Cuthbert’s Way.

It worked out perfectly for us, and we had a very good time, blessed with wonderful weather for walking and such a lovely part of the country.

Needless to say we were very grateful not to be carrying more on our backs!

All good wishes

Gillian Maude

Gillian Maude - June 2021St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

I’d just like to say a big thank you for the service you gave our party last week, and the excellent way the luggage miraculously reappeared at all our destinations.

We had a great week and were so lucky with the weather.

Many thanks !

Pauline Styles - September 2020St Cuthbert’s Way

Mark, just a short note to thank you and your team for an impeccable service.

We were blessed with the weather and had a marvellous time in beautiful Northumberland.

Mike Milner - September 2020Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark,

Thank you so much for getting our bags safely from place to place!

Especially with the awful weather yesterday we were so glad of the dry clothes waiting for us!

We have a friend planning to do the walk next year and we will be recommending your services.

Thanks again

Laura Dillon - August 2020St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Thanks so much for the transportation of our bags on our walk. We have finished today and had the best time. Appreciate your efficiency, great communication and it was worth every penny not to carry them ourselves!

Fiona Booth - August 2020St Cuthbert’s Way


Many thanks for your assistance moving our bags and in particular for taking us back to Belford today.

We had a really enjoyable time and there was so much variety in the places we stayed, the food we ate, the people we met, the scenery, the flowers, bird trees, etc.

And, as last year, your non-stop commentary on the journey was fascinating – I almost feel I could fly a helicopter now!!!

Michael & Rachel Hendry - September 2019St Oswald’s Way

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provide to walkers.  I had such a wonderful time walking Cuthbert’s Way.

Many thanks!

Mary Jo Kietzman - August 2019St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark

Can I just say how well you have dealt with our baggage moves this week and appreciate the excellent service you and your team provide.

Hope to be in touch again soon when we return.

Graham Duffy - August 2019St Oswald’s Way

Great organised and reliable luggage transfer on St Cuthbert’s Way. I could relax knowing that at the end of a hard walking day my luggage would be at the next destination. Perfect every time. Thanks Diane

Diane Carter (Atlas Discovery Holiday Company) - July 2019St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark, another one for your long list of glowing tributes on the website. I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for the amazing service Carrylite provided for our Coast & Castles ride over the weekend. Not worrying about or bags over the 4 days meant more time to enjoy the amazing scenery (and sunshine) of the North East coast. Brilliant service, highly recommended.

Dave Brooks - June 2019Coast & Castles Cycle Route

Hi Mark

Just dropping you a line to say a big thank you to you and the Carrylite team for the smooth transfer of our bags on our recent St Cuthbert’s way trip. We had an excellent walk with good weather and were safe in the knowledge that our bags would be on the way to our next accommodation. Will definitely use your service again. All the best. Mike Scott

Mike Scott - May 2019St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

Thank You for an excellent service.

We would highly recommend your company to friends and family.

We had a brilliant time on our walk and the weather was just the best we could have hoped for.

Thank You

Carole Hunter - May 2019Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

I have recently returned from walking St Oswald’s way and would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided in transporting our luggage between each of our 9 stop overs. The service was efficient and I felt confident that our bags would be at each destination well before we did!

Thank you again for a reliable and effective service.

Kind Regards

Fiona Hayes - May 2019St Oswald’s Way

Carrylite moved our bags for a 6 day trip on the St Cuthberts Way.

Mark was very helpful throughout,  and responded quickly to any questions.

Everything went perfectly smoothly, and we arrived each night confident that our bags would be there for us.

I would highly recommend Carrylite for a friendly and efficient service.

Peter Long - April 2019St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark,

I would like to say a big thank you for a trouble free transfer of our baggage over our five day walk.

I would not hesitate to use your services if required in the future.

Many thanks

Arthur Bowen - September 2018Berwickshire Coastal Path

A belated but no less heart felt thanks for making our trip so wonderful!! Your service was impeccable and enabled us to thoroughly enjoy our journey without any worry!
Those who moved our luggage were just as nice if and when we saw them. Otherwise it seemed like magic, our bags just disappeared and reappeared for us. What a way to travel.
We were even lucky on our walk. gorgeous weather smiled upon us and our days on the Way were glorious. We even did the last 3 miles to Holy Island in our bare feet crossing the sands (the proper way!) it was definitely an experience, amazing on so many levels.
Thank you again for all your help, for answering my endless emails and for making our trip literally seamless and ridiculously easy.
The only thing we had to do was the walking part!! and not having to worry about anything but that made it so much fun!
With grateful thanks, Liz Deneny, Cindy Willis, Ana Maria Holme and Nancy Larsen

Liz Deneny - September 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

Quick note to say thanks for highly professional service along SCW. Will definitely use your services again and no hesitation to recommend

Best Regards

Martin Speller

Martin Speller - September 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Thanks Mark for all the perfect transfers. Most impressed by the service you provide.

We had a great time.


Lynne Clark - September 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

We have just arrived back after a superb walk , great weather and a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Many thanks for your superb organisation with the bags, all delivered without any problems etc and for dropping us off at the start.

Much appreciated.

Pauline Collins - July 2018St Oswald’s Way

Dear Mark

Just back from the St Cuthberts Way. Thank you so much for transporting our luggage. It was a fantastic service.

With many thanks.

Alison Lunn - July 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark, just to say thanks for carrying our bags on St Cuthbert’s Way which we completed the day before yesterday. As we discovered 2 years ago the service you provide is brilliant & completely reliable. Thanks again.

Dave Purdy - July 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

I just want to say a massive thank you to your company for the excellent service.

Having our luggage transferred after carrying it for the first two days of our walk meant the experience was a pleasure instead of an endurance!

The bags were waiting for us when we arrived at every location.

Once again many thanks.

Lynne Minto - June 2018Northumberland Coastal Path

Just a very brief note to thank you for your absolutely superb service on our recent trip. Once again our bags were unfailingly collected & delivered prior to our arrival.

With our thanks & appreciation.

Barbara Depledge - June 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark,

I  just wanted to say a big ‘thanks’ for the service that you provided to us during our recent bike ride.

We had a great time, which was very much helped by your superb luggage carrying service.

Many thanks

Glen Barber - June 2018Coast & Castles Cycle Route

Hi Mark

Now we have returned home I wanted to say thank you to you and your company for transporting our bags so efficiently.

Kind regards.

Andrew Cowan - June 2018Northumberland Coastal Path

Thank you for our efficient transfer of bags!

We had a great ride and wouldn’t hesitate to use Carrylite next time.

Thanks again.


The Warrens - June 2018Coast & Castles Cycle Route

Hi Mark just to say thank you so much for the bag carry service it worked out really well and worth every penny to have our gear transported a 5* service!!

Lynn & Anne

Lynne Readman - June 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi, Mark

Thanks for everything you did to make our baggage transfer work so we’ll. You’re terrific and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone hiking in this area too.

David Reuther - June 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark

We really enjoyed our walk in Northumberland. The scenery is stunning and the weather was perfect.

Thank you so much for the daily transport of our bags which happened every day without a hitch.  Having carried our bags on previous walks, it made a huge difference to have them transported for us this time.

Your company was very efficient right from the first e-mail in organising everything with no problems.

Thank you once more.

Cathy Tilby - May 2018Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark,

Just to say a big thank you for our luggage transfer. All went really well, the walk was good, accommodation good and the weather perfect.

Best wishes

Felicity Jones - May 2018St Cuthbert’s Way & Northumberland Coastal Path

Morning Mark, just to say thanks to you and your team for an excellent service. Had a great walk and the weather was fantastic!


Paul Collins - May 2018Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

Thanks for carrying our bags, all went well and we were always pleased to see our bags at the end of each day.  An excellent service.

Kind regards

Jeannie Patterson - May 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark 

Thank you so much Mark for the excellent service from Carry-lite from the prompt quote to ensuring our bags were collected and ready waiting for us after a full day walking in sun, wind, rain, mud and boggy moorland! Highly recommend Carry-lite as Mark really does go the extra mile by organising our transport at the start and end of the walk at Holy Island and for all the valuable information. 

Thanks again.

Catherine MacMichael - April 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark

This is simply to record my thanks for the transfer of our luggage, including my medicine bag, last week. It was great to find our luggage at our appointed destination after a hard day’s walk, and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to any friends who may be tempted to walk the St Cuthbert’s Way.  Not only did we complete the Way but we were blessed by truly wonderful weather.


Fiona Stewart - April 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark, 

Many thanks for the amazing service you provided for us whilst we walked the St Cuthbert’s Way. Battling through bog and at times knee deep snow was a massive challenge and it was so wonderful to have our bags waiting, warm, safe and dry at the end of the day. You were super efficient and dealt with our changes in plans and locations with good humour and amazing organizational skills. I will be recommending your service to everyone I speak to.  

 Many thanks

Anna Pandrich - April 2018St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

Just a quick email to say how all went well on our St Oswald’s Way walk with bags delivered every day in plenty of time. Thank you so much for taking us to the start of our walk and also for recommending George for our taxi ride from Lindisfarne to Berwick on Tweed. Thanks also for all the advice about the walk before we set off.

PS We would highly recommend Carrylite to any fellow walkers!!

Wendy Bisiker - August 2017St Oswald’s Way

Hi Mark

Having just returned home from walking the Saint Oswald’s Way I wanted to write and thank you for the fantastic service you provided with our baggage transfer.  We had never used a transfer service before and we loved having our bags waiting for us every evening.  The fact that we could take extra clothes and toiletries definitely made the whole experience much more enjoyable and comfortable.

It seemed almost like magic to arrive at our accommodation each evening and find our luggage waiting for us.  It all went without a hitch, even though we walked the route the opposite way to most people, from Wall to Holy Island.

Thank you also for arranging our taxi from Holy Island to Berwick.  George was a lovely man, very helpful.

Thank you again for everything.  I’ll be in touch again when we do the Saint Cuthbert’s Way.

Kind regards.

Paula Connelly - July 2017St Oswald’s Way

Hi Mark

I meant to send this last week – just to say thanks again for your dependable good service transporting our luggage whilst we enjoyed the scenery of St Cuthbert’s Way.

We would always recommend you to friends who may undertake the walk.

With much appreciation.

Judith Nichol & Lilian Barton - October 2016St Cuthbert’s Way

Thanks for the excellent service, great to leave bags and know they will be where you need them. We will defo use you again.

Paul Burr - October 2016Coast & Castles Cycle Route

Hi Mark,

We have just returned home after completing St Cuthbert’s Way. Thank you so much for your excellent service. It was great to see our bags when we arrived at our destinations.

Best regards

Judith Metcalf - September 2016St Cuthbert’s Way

Hi Mark, just to let you know we picked our bags up yesterday afternoon from the Beaumont in Hexham.

Thanks very much for a very smooth service, will definitely be recommending you to others.

Kind regards

Mark Wilson - July 2016Sandstone Way Cycle Route

Hello Mark

Many thanks for all the St Cuthbert’s Way transfers:  from our point of view, everything went smoothly, luggage was where we wanted it, at the time we wanted it, which is exactly what is needed on a walk like this.  And your unflappable acceptance of our late booking of your services was much appreciated.

Best wishes for a good summer season,

Marilyn and Sandy Cuthbert - May 2016St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark-just to say many thanks for transporting our bags on St Cuthbert’s Way, the organisation & service you provide is 1st class & I’d be very happy to recommend you to any future walkers. We had a brilliant time on the route and superb walking weather, many thanks again,

Dave Purdy - July 2016St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark 

Unfortunately we’re now back in Longfram after a fantastic holiday walking the St Cuthbert’s Way, which would not have been possible without your superb service. Thank you so much.  

Best wishes,

Nicola Copsey - May 2016St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark,

We had a enjoyable time walking the Northumbrian coast. Your excellent service helped greatly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to add that I would not hesitate to recommend carrylite to others.

Thank you.

Mark Sutherland - May 2016Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

I had a lovely, lovely week and your transporting my bag contributed to that, so thank you and I hope you have a lovely summer.

Take care,

Christine Bramley - May 2015Northumberland Coastal Path

Thanks once again for assisting in making the logistics of my St. Cuthbert’s Way journey last week so easy. From the pickup of my gear and myself at Newcastle Airport to the daily transportation of my bags and my eventual pick up again from Holy Island everything worked seamlessly. I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient service. Hopefully see you for St. Oswald’s Way next year.

Keith Robertson - March 2015St Cuthbert’s Way

Many thanks for your great service and all of the pick up and drops made throughout the walk last week. Each day our bags were ready and waiting or us when we arrived and we were grateful for that.

Tim Harper - August 2014St Cuthbert’s Way

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Carrylite for the bag carrying that you did for us last week. Wonderful to have such a reliable service and anyone else we spoke to was also suitably impressed. Thank you.

Dorothy Welch - June 2014St Cuthbert’s Way

Thanks so much for your splendid service on my Northumberland coastal walk last week with my daughter. It’s years since I went on a long walk, with a rucksack, and it was pure joy to do one without that burden. It was brilliant to turn up at our accommodation each night to find our bags waiting. Thanks again

Pauline Wynter - June 2014Northumberland Coastal Path

Thanks for carrying our luggage for us as we walked the St Cuthbert’s Way last week. After the first day, when we were terrified that it would go wrong, we relaxed: the accommodation owners were clearly confident that all would be well and the luggage appeared correctly and without any damage; It all helped make the walk so very enjoyable.

Louise & Peter Krug - April 2014St Cuthbert’s Way

Thank you for transporting our bags last month while we walked St Cuthbert’s Way. The sight of our bags in the hall of each night’s new B&B was extremely welcome, and the knowledge that we would have something clean to put on! And we are very glad that we didn’t have to carry everything ourselves. We were very impressed with your efficiency and would certainly recommend you to anyone else contemplating a similar expedition.

Sarah Bradley - September 2013St Cuthbert’s Way

Carrylite must be used on the trails they facilitate. I have used their bag transfer on two long distance walks now and find them extremely reliable and very helpful. I cannot recommend their service too highly.

Nigel Toye - May 2013St Oswald’s Way

We used Carrylite for our time on the Northumbria Coast Path in April 2013. Mark ,who is Mr Carrylite, was very helpful with suggestions of places to stay that matched our requirements. There were some real gems amongst them. We would pack the cases after breakfast, leave them at reception and then see them again as we arrived at the next stop. It all ran very smoothly and I have recommended using Carrylite to my friends. Our only disappointment was that we never got to meet Mark.

Andy Fitzgerald - April 2013Northumberland Coastal Path

Thank you for providing a reliable service to my friends and myself whilst we walked the Northumberland Coast Path. Our bags were always waiting for us at the end of a long day. I would certainly use your services again if I planned another walk in the north and would recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Paul Siddall - April 2013Northumberland Coastal Path

My sister and I (& 2 dogs) used your excellent bag carrying service on the St Oswald’s Way. Thank you very much, we couldn’t have done it without you. The walk was wonderful and it was so appreciated to see our bags waiting for us You were excellent.

Thank you.

Fiona MacBeth - July 2012St Oswald’s Way

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful service you gave to our group of walkers. I especially want to thank you for finding us alternative accommodation in Jedburgh at very short notice, we shall certainly recommend you and use you again when we are in your area.

Margaret Haigh - April 2012St Cuthbert’s Way

A big thank you for the vital part you have played in our trip. Everyone has spoken highly of you, professional, and efficient, and we are happy to add considerate and committed.

Our thanks and best wishes.

Doretta & Nick Cole - September 2011St Cuthbert’s Way

Thank you for an excellent service transporting our luggage last week whilst we walked the Northumberland Coastal Path. We never saw you but the luggage was always ready and waiting for us at our next stop. We will definitely use your services again.

Paul Cairns & Sue Axe - September 2011Northumberland Coastal Path

Dear Mark, We have arrived back home from a wonderful time walking the Northumberland Coast Path. Thank you so much for transporting our bags so efficiently during the 12 days, this certainly made the trip more relaxing.

We will definitely be recommending your service to friends and family.

Best wishes,

Rachel & Pete Cantor - July 2010Northumberland Coastal Path

Hi Mark

Sorry for not sending a message sooner, i just wanted to let you know we had a great time walking St Oswalds way. The baggage transfers were great.

Many Thanks.

Michelle & Terry Jenkins - July 2010St Oswald’s Way

Just a quick note to say a huge THANK YOU for your part in making our week away such a fabulous success! The other walks we’ve done haven’t had a Mark-the-bag, so this time was a rare treat. I am a revived and renewed woman! So many, many thanks.

Alison Fawcett - June 2010Northumberland Coastal Path


Many thanks for providing problem free baggage transfers for our walk last week.

We had good food, & good weather & a few uncomfortable blisters but were pleased we had chosen such a varied & interesting walk.

Malcolm McCulloch - May 2009St Cuthbert’s Way

We all five wish to say how excellent your luggage carrying service has been. We had a very good walk and all the arrangements went smoothly. Thank you.

Elizabeth Cooper - May 2009St Oswald’s Way

Dear Mark

Thank you for the efficient bag carrying service that you provided to us over the last week. We all had a wonderful week, beautiful scenery, dry weather and perfect peace. All went like clockwork, including your service. We shall definitely be recommending the walk to our rambler colleagues which will hopefully bring you some more business as well. I can’t understand why there are not more walkers doing this walk as it is such a joy.

Thanks again


Rosamund Jackson - June 2008St Cuthbert’s Way


It seems strange to have completed the St. Cuthbert’s Way without having met you, but thanks very much for carrying our bags. It was wonderful to arrive each night and find them there. We had a great walk – no rain at all which can’t be said of the days since then.

All good wishes.

David Newman - June 2007St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark

Thanks for moving our luggage last week – it was so good to arrive at the end of each day to find our bags already there.

We enjoyed the walk in spite of the weather not being brilliant, but at least it was mainly dry.

I will certainly pass on your details to any one else who is walking in your area.


Isobel Beard - June 2007St Cuthbert’s Way

Dear Mark.

Just a note to thank you and your team for  a great job carrying our bags last week.We have been extremely impressed with the service and could be heard singing your praises to two other walkers(doing the new Coastal Path) who were travelling light rather than risk their bags to a carrying company as they had had very bad experiences down south with a long distance walk ,when their bags did not arrive!!

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for a first class service!  We will definitely use you again and will recommend you to others!

With very best wishes!

Liz Harrison & Kathy Richards - September 2006St Cuthbert’s Way

A very big thank you for your excellent service carrying our bags along St Cuthbert’s Way. You were so efficient and so friendly and helpful when I rang, I’m very impressed. Many thanks and every blessing.

Celia Appleton - June 2005St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark,
Sorry this is a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you for safely delivering my group’s luggage when we were doing the St Cuthbert’s Way three weeks ago. We had a tremendous time and it was reassuring to know that our luggage was safely delivered for us.  Also, very much appreciated your cheerful notes.
Sorry we didn’t get the chance to meet you. Hope you have a good season.

Sheila McKy - May 2004St Cuthbert’s Way


Just a note to say thank you for the excellent service you provided for us last week. We had a great time and it was so much the better for not having to carry a ‘full pack’.

Thanks again,

Steve Hough - June 2003St Cuthbert’s Way

I would like to thank you for your really excellent service of shifting our luggage on a daily basis. I do not know what we would have done without you.

Elizabeth Lawson - May 2003St Cuthbert’s Way

Mark ,

Just to say thanks for the great service we received on our wee jaunt along the St. Cuthbert’s way.

Many thanks again.

Marie & Dave Dixon - August 2002St Cuthbert’s Way