The cost of baggage transfer depends upon your chosen route.  

Please see the table below for a more detailed cost per route.

Discounts are available for large parties. Please contact us for details.

Costs are per item up to 44lbs (20kgs).

Please pay close attention to our terms & conditions which are listed further down this page.

How to book

Just e-mail your itinerary details to and we will then contact you with the total cost of your baggage transfer for your walk or ride.

Alternatively, just give us a call on:

Tel: 077 99 82 82 82

General Information

For 2024 our season will run from the 21st March until the 30th September.

Bags can be moved until the 21st October, but will be charged at an ‘out of season’ rate of a minimum 4 bag charge per stage, for itineraries that start from the 1st October.  The 21st October is a final transfer date.

No minimum or maximum number of stages. If a stage is particularly long, or if your chosen accommodation is off the normal route, there may be an excess charge.   If an accommodation is too far from the route, or if the length of a stage is so long that it crosses over where our vans overlap, we will not be able to provide the service.

Please be aware that air BnB’s or similar accommodations cause us real problems, as there is usually no-one there when we come to drop off or pick up bags.  Therefore, unless the host guarantees that we will have easy access to either deliver or collect bags at any time between 9am and 4.30pm, we won’t be able to accept the booking.

Please pay close attention to our terms & conditions which are listed below.

St Cuthbert’s Way and Coast Path:

  • £10 per bag, per stage.Minimum 2 bag charge (£20) per stage.

St Oswald’s Way:

  • Stages between Berwick and Warkworth in either direction, including Holy Island.
    £10 per bag, per stage.
    Minimum 2 bag charge (£20) per stage.
  • A minimum 4 bag charge (£40) will apply to any stage, in either direction, between Warkworth and Heavenfield.
  • Stages from Rothbury all the way through to Heavenfield, (or vice versa), in one go, will be treated as a double stage due to the distance involved.

Borders Abbeys Way:

  • 2 bags = £30 per stage.
  • 3 bags = £36 per stage.
  • 4 bags = £44 per stage.
  • For additional bags above 4 the cost will be £5 per bag, per stage.Minimum 2 bag charge.

Inn Way to Northumberland:

  • Rothbury to Warkworth.
    £10 per bag.
    Minimum 4 bag charge (£40).
  • Intermediate stages between Warkworth and Wooler .
    £10 per bag, per stage.
    Minimum 2 bag charge (£20) per stage.
  • Wooler to Alwinton.
    £10 per bag.
    Minimum 5 bag charge (£50).
  • Alwinton to Rothbury .
  • £10 per bag.
    Minimum 4 bag charge (£40).
  • .

Sandstone Way:

  • £50 per stage covering up to 5 bags
  • Bags above five at an additional £8 per bag, per stage
  • Prices based on a 4 stage trip

If you intend to complete the way in less than 4 stages, please call us for a quotation.

Coast and Castles Cycle Route:

Due to the great variety of stage lengths each booking will be quoted on an individual basis.

Please contact us for details.

Ditch the Bags and Enjoy your Day.
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Terms & Conditions

Bags MUST be ready for collection by 9am.

If bags are not ready when the van arrives, they will not be moved.

Bags will be delivered by 5pm, although in most cases it will be much earlier.

Bags should weigh no more than 20kg, with no extra items attached.

If extra items are attached they will be removed, labelled and charged as an extra bag, irrespective of size or weight.

We do enforce the weight limit for health and safety reasons and to protect our drivers.

If a bag is excessively heavy, our drivers will refuse to move it as it could expose them to injury.

We don’t average out bag weights so 2 medium bags are much better than 1 large bag and one small one.

Please do not tie anything extra to the outside of your bags.  These items make the bags difficult to lift and regularly become detached, leaving us with no idea to whom they belong.  This includes hats, pillows, boots, carrier bags and particularly walking poles.  If items are left tied to the outside of bags they will be removed, and a label tied onto them.  They will then be charged as an extra bag for that day regardless of size or weight.

We are not insured to carry valuable items such as laptops etc.  Your bags may be in the van under several other bags, so whilst we take every care with clients’ bags,  we take no responsibility if valuable or fragile items are damaged.

Leaving bottles of any type in your bags is a particularly bad idea.

A general rule of thumb is; if you wouldn’t check it into an aircraft hold, then don’t leave it to go in our vans.

Whilst we take every care with clients luggage, we will not accept liability for damage to baggage handles, wheels, stitching, zips, locks etc, caused by general handling.


Cancellations for any reason prior to the start of an itinerary will result in a full refund of any payment made.

Cancellation of any stage/stages once an itinerary has begun will not be refunded.

What Our Customer’s Say About Us

Hi Mark

I want to thank you for the seamless transfer of my case this week. The service has been excellent. Shame about the weather, but thanks to your team, at least I had dry, clean clothes at every stop.

Kind regards

Fiona Todd

Fiona Todd - April 2024Northumberland Coastal Path

Luggage moved efficiently and exactly as requested.
Very clear instructions given and because of the detail, easily understood and followed. Our luggage was waiting for us in the correct pub or hotel in Northumberland every time. Thank you SO much!

Annabelle Holland - September 2023Northumberland Costal Path

Dear Mark

I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful  job you did transporting our baggage while we were enjoying walking on St Cuthbert’s Way.  There were several days when we saw the reassuring sight of one of your vans which we knew would have been collecting or delivering our bags.

So, thanks once again.


Janice Othen

Janice Othen - September 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Brilliant Service for hiking The Borders Abbeys Way. We’ll be using them again when we hike the St Cuthbert’s Way.

Paul Arnold - September 2023Borders Abbeys Way

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your help in making our Cuthberts Way walk so successful.

Many thanks,


Sean Cope - July 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

Many thanks for your excellent service carrying our bags on the Northumberland Coastal Way – everything ran so smoothly and it was fabulous knowing we could pack those extra socks and kit for the evenings without having to break our backs and feet.   Our highlights would be walking the dunes on the way into Bamburgh and taking our boots and socks off to walk across the sand from Lidisfarne.

It helped that the weather was kind with no rain all week.

We’d recommend Carrylite without any reservations at all and have done so a couple of times already.

All the very best

Chris & Jane

Chris & Jane Prentice - June 2023Northumberland Coastal Path

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent bag carrying service. We didn’t see you or your team once but our bags were always ready and waiting for us at our accommodation! From the first email to the last bag transfer you provided an efficient and hassle free service and we wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again.
We had a fantastic week walking the St Cuthbert’s Way, absolutely loved it especially the final walk across the sands to Lindisfarne.

Keryn Green - May 2023St Cuthbert’s Way

HI Mark,

Would just like to say a big thank you for our recent bag transfers during our walk on the St Cuthbert’s way! What a great service! we had a great time, absolutely loved it, we would definitely recommend your service,

Thanks again

Ricky and Angela

Ricky & Angela Haddow - May 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and your team for the great efficiency in transporting our bags to the various hotels along the St Oswald’s Way, over the past 2 weeks. Even when we arrived at a hotel in the early pm we were so pleased to find that our bags were already there!

Very best wishes,


Jane Dobson - June 2022St Oswald’s Way

Hi Mark

I’m not sure my email thanking you actually sent – so just in case it didn’t, this is a massive thank you for moving our bags during our pilgrimage. Your service was amazing and we cannot recommend you highly enough.

Thanks for everything.

All the best


Steve Radley - July 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

We have just completed the Borders Abbeys Way with Carrylite transferring our bags along each leg of the walk. They were brilliant, no fuss no problems just brilliant. It is so satisfying after a long day’s walk to find your bag has arrived before you. Thank you Carrylite.

Henry Ellis - September 2022Borders Abbeys Way

Just used Carrylite for the first time whilst we walked St Cuthbert’s Way. Excellent service , they literally went out of their way to pick our bags from a friends house and get us on the way . Most helpful. Highly recommend.

Nick Rowe - September 2022St Cuthbert’s Way

Our family traveled from the US to walk St. Cuthbert’s Way. Carrylite was recommended to us, and we are so glad we used them. The bags were there before us every time, even when we arrived early. It was such a gift not to have to think about it, just trust it all to go smoothly and it did. We had a wonderful experience walking St. Cuthbert’s Way and honestly can’t imagine how we would have done it without Carrylite.

Kara Root - September 2022St Cuthbert’s Way