"..." - Dear Mark, A belated but no less heart felt thanks for making our trip so wonderful!! Your service was impeccable and enabled us to thoroughly enjoy our journey without any worry! The drivers who moved our luggage were incredible if and when we saw them. Otherwise it seemed like magic, our bags just disappeared and reappeared for us. What a way to travel. We were even lucky on our walk. gorgeous weather smiled upon us and our days on the Way were glorious.It was definitely an experience, amazing on so many levels. Thank you again for all your help, for answering my endless emails and for making our trip literally seamless and ridiculously easy. The only thing we had to do was the walking part!! and not having to worry about anything but that made it so much fun! With grateful thanks, Liz Deneny, Cindy Willis, Ana Maria Holme and Nancy Larsen.
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St Oswald's Way Long Distance Walk approx 97 miles

St. Oswald's Way... is a long-distance walking route, exploring some of the finest landscapes and fascinating history of Northumberland. From Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in the north, St. Oswald's Way follows the stunning Northumberland coast, before heading inland across beautiful countryside to Heavenfield and Hadrian's Wall in the south, a distance of 97 miles (156 km). The route links some of the places associated with St. Oswald, the King of Northumbria in the early 7th Century, who played a major part in bringing Christianity to his people.

Picture of Bamburgh Castle Bamburgh Castle

Oswald was born around 604 and died in battle against the pagan Mercians in around 642. He converted to Chrisianity after the Battle of Heavenfield around 633.Oswald did the most to help spread Christianity throughout Northumbria, giving the island of Lindisfarne to the Irish bishop Aiden and also acting as his interpreter whilst the bishop preached.

Most people do choose to complete the walk in 6 days

However some prefer to take longer, enjoying the wealth of historical interest and magnificent scenery en route.

Holy Island to Bamburgh - 19 miles
Bamburgh to Craster - 14 miles
Craster to Warkworth - 13.5 miles
Warkworth to Rothbury - 18 miles
Rothbury to Kirkwhelpington - 15 miles
Kirkwhelpington to Heavenfield - 17.5 miles

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